Mountain Biking in Crested Butte

The best singletrack in the rockies.

The Crested Butte area has some of the best mountain biking in the country. This isn’t happenstance. Many believe that true mountain biking really began in Crested Butte. The more you ride here, the more you realize why mountain biking endures here.

Many of the rides are long and epic. Even the shorter rides access incredible mountain scenery. There is so much beauty in these hills, that one of the best ways to see as much as you can in one summer is on a bike. To the well conditioned, thirty to fifty miles in a day is possible. For the novice, half of that will be a challenge. Even so, you will cover more ground on a bike in one day than just about any form of outdoor transportation.

Most of the trails around here have been slowly transformed into bike trails by the sheer number of people who ride them and maintain them. Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association (CBMBA) is a very active local organization that is affiliated with the national organization IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association). CBMBA has been passionately involved in trail maintenance, trail protection, access, and land holder trust. Most of the small trail signs you’ll see along the way are compliments of CBMBA.

The high alpine areas of Crested Butte are fragile. Please ride carefully and don’t abuse the trails. Carry over wet areas. Stay on the main trail and don’t braid boggy areas. Show the rest of the world that mountain bikers do care.

CB Trails Detailed Descriptions, Maps, and Current Status

Updated Monday June 27, 2016


Hartman Rocks: Beginner, Intermediate, expert
Conditions: It's past May 15th... it's all riding soooooo gooooooodddd!!!
Good to Go

Brush Creek Area

Rides in the Brush Creek area, 2-3 miles South and East of the Town of Crested Butte.
Deer Creek:expert loop
Conditions: June 15 - some trees down, but she's riding well! Needs rubber!
Good to Go
Farris Creek / 402: advanced medium length rides
Conditions: June 15 - Farris is riding ok. There's water in the usual spots, they will last beyond when the regular water seeps are finished. 402/Strawberry - may be a rough creek crossing at the end, but the trail is coming around!
Good to Go
Strand Hill: advanced intermediate
Conditions: June 6 - Strand saw over 120 volunteers work on it this weekend, and the Canal, Bonus and Strand proper riding better than ever!
Good to Go
Teocalli Ridge:expert
Conditions: June 27 - Use caution at river crossings, and 2 LARGE trees down. Hope to get on these soon.
Good to Go

Near Town

Budd Trail
Conditions: It's riding well, but the Upper Lower is not. So an out and back is working ok.
Good to Go
CBMR Mountain Trails: Easy Int to Expert
Conditions: CBMR trails are open for the summer and lifts are spinning. There could still be some trails that are not ready. Check CBMR for updates.
Good to Go
Green Lake Trail
Conditions: June 20 - Officially opened by the Town. We'll be working on it with the Town of CB this coming Wednesday, 22nd, 4:00. Needs that work - regular wet areas, but we'll be armoring some track!
Good to Go
Lower Loop: Beginner and intermediate trails
Conditions: July 15 - She done went and dried up! Both Upper Lower and Lower Lower riding much better and the water issues are dried up.
Good to Go
Lupine Trail: easier intermediate ride
Conditions: Including Gunsight Connector - all are riding well. One snow spot in the dark timber section of Gunsight, please stay on trail!
Good to Go
Snodgrass Trail: Intermediate Good to Go
Upper Loop / Tony’s Trail / Whetstone Vista
Conditions: May 23 - Oh yeah - the whole network is riding great! Add Happy Hour into the Mix at the starting end of the Upper Loop.
Good to Go

Kebler Pass Area

Rides near Kebler Pass, West of the Town of Crested Butte.
Kebler Pass Wagon Trail: easier intermediate ride
Conditions: June 16 - Lower Wagon trail - paralleling Kebler is good to go, but the upper bits still in some snow/mud.
Not Recommended
The Dyke Trail:advanced to expert level ride
Conditions: June 16 - needs a bit more time.
Not Recommended

Taylor Canyon Area

This area lies 10-20 miles South and East of Crested Butte.
Doctor Park:expert ride
Conditions: June 20 - The Doctor is in! Still muddy and some trees down up top, but the trail is riding well.
Good to Go

Gothic Area

Rides in the area of Gothic, 5 miles North of Mt. Crested Butte. Trail 403
starts from the next drainage to the West.
Trail 401:Advanced intermediate ride
Conditions: June 20 - Out and back from Rustlers rides amazeballs! Work done this weekend is epic, and dry wheels across that bog mid way. Lower 401 - NOT GOOD. Still holding water - let it lay! And out and back only on Upper 401 - the climb from Schofield is still very snowy.
Good to Go
Trail #403:expert ride
Conditions: June 20 - Still good amount of snow and water up top. Needs more time.
Not Recommended

Cement Creek Area

Rides in the Cement Creek drainage East of Crested Butte South, 6 1/2 miles south of Crested Butte.
Cement Creek Trail:easier intermediate ride
Conditions: Lower and Upper Cement Creek trail are riding great!
Good to Go
Reno / Flag/ Bear / Deadman’s Gulch: Expert
Conditions: Good to go!
Good to Go
Reno Ridge & Deadman’s Gulch: expert ride
Conditions: Based on everything else out there should be ready. Could still be some mud in there.
Good to Go
Trail 409 and the Point Lookout Trail:expert ride
Conditions: June 14th Riding great can now loop back to Wall/Warm Springs
Good to Go
Trail 412, 405.2a, 405 & 409.5A or Point lookout
Conditions: June 14th. Good to go but a bunch of down trees. Hope to get on these soon.
Good to Go
Walrod Cutoff Trail 418: The Caves Loop: expert
Conditions: Good to go!
Good to Go
Waterfall Creek Cutoff Trail:expert ride
Conditions: June 24th CBMBA members cut out rest of trees last night. Huge thanks to Randy "the axeman" for getting the rest of them!
Good to Go

Winter Riding

Lily Lake Not Recommended

Trail descriptions and updates courtesy of Holly's Ride Guides, and The Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association. Trail Reporting Software and maps ©2000-2016 Thin Air Web. All rights reserved.

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