Crested Butte Photo Gallery

Scenes of Crested Butte.

A number of talented photographers have made Crested Butte their home. They have been generous enough to contribute photographs for your viewing pleasure.

Click on any photo to view an enlargement and more information.

Videography by Kasala
is a professional videographer specializing in wedding, events, and more in Crested Butte, Colorado.
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Allison on a fall ride Fall aspen leaves turn brilliant gold Paintbrush in full bloom
Animal tracks in snow Mt. Crested Butte in autumn Baked goods from The Bakery Café Early spring fishing in Crested Butte, Colorado up cement creek. Crested Butte fly fishing in the summertime can be very rewarding!
Mountain bike polo Cement Creek on the rocks. Winter scene Snowboarders enjoying fresh snowfall Camping
Dramatic sunset over mountains Crested Butte Land Trust property Wild mushroom hunting in Crested Butte! Read our latest View the Butte blog post:  Teresa Cesario A snowy view from Crested Butte South.
Horseback riding Mountain biking on the Upper Loop Crested Butte is a dog lover's town Sunset on Purple Snow covers a historic shed in one of Crested Butte’s back alleys
Fall in CB South Fog over town Wildflowers with Mt. Crested Butte in background Oh-Be-Joyful Falls Taking time to relax, checking out Crested Butte,Co.
Ice skating in Crested Butte South. The Depot with Mt. Crested Butte and rainbow in background Fly fishing around Crested Butte The school bell tower
Steve Seward and Junior at the Crested Butte Music Festival. Backcountry snowboarders making their way to Mt. Emmons. Sitting on the porch of the Timberline Café Fly fisherman and dog Afternoon fly-fishing at Emerald Lake
The Dogwood Cocktail Cabin Best Martinis in town.Photo Credit: 4th of July in Crested Butte Elk Avenue storefronts in winter
Winter sunrise over Crested Butte Man and Dog in Canoe Mountain biking in the high country Tying on a fly Beautiful day on the East River in Crested Butte, Colorado!
Fly fishing up Cement Creek in Crested Butte South. Fly Fishing Gothic Fall colors in Crested Butte
Blue Columbine and summer breezes. Saddles at Lazy F Bar Ranch Historic ranch with mountains in background Alpine waterfall with wildflowers
Fine dining at Le Bosquet It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood in Crested Butte, Colorado! Beautiful wild flowers in Crested Butte, Colorado! Such a great summer! Elk Avenue streetlight Cement Creek at sunset.
West Elk range in the snow Evening twilight over Crested Butte Mountain A local skier samples fresh powder Whitewater rafting
Fly fisherman at sunset Great fall bike ride out Lower Loop in Crested Butte! Alpenglow summertime concert series in Crested Butte, Colorado! <br><br>Photo by: Teresa Cesario View of town from Mt. Crested Butte in summer Photography student shooting wildflowers
A snowy view of the East River from Crested Butte South. Fourth of July Parade The Castles in Summer Local hockey is for all ages Sunflowers on Baldy
Snow covers a historic shed in one of Crested Butte’s back alleys Fall's first snow Fog over town Wildflowers with lake Teach your children to forage for their food. What fun childhood memories too! Crested Butte, Co has an abundance of wild mushrooms.
Fourth of July parade Ranching in Crested Butte Snowshoeing in the high country.
The Kansas City Ballet performing at the Crested Butte Music Festival. The golden layer of autumn adorns a local yard. The Woods Walk in the Fall Paragliding September 16th in Crested Butte, Colorado. Going from, always beautiful to unbelievable!!
Another breathtaking view from the top of Mt. Crested Butte, CO. Skier coming over cornice Roundup
The Town of Crested Butte Sub-zero nights make lots of icicles on local buildings Ring of fog around Mt. Crested Butte is seen down Maroon Avenue in the Fall. Alpine meadow with wildflowers Skier on Headwall with East River Valley in background
Cyclists gathering at the Crested Butte Heritage Museum for the 38th Pearl Pass Tour to Aspen…All gather to hear directions first by The legendary Don and Kay Cook! Mr. Don Cook leading the way. A beautiful drive into Crested Butte, Colorado! Mountain biker in wildflowers Biking in the fall
Fall colors in Crested Butte Hot air balloon on a cool summer morning Biking Strand Hill Miner's shack alongside alpine creek Fine dining at the Marriott
Fine dining at Soupcon Cement Creek Caves hike! Crested Butte wild flowers. Hot air balloons taking off at dawn
Cement Creek Road at sunset. The last of the fall leaves frame new snowfall on Mt. Crested Butte. Our worst off season traffic problem: annual cattle drive clogs downtown streets Hiking Snodgrass Mountain Wildflowers along a fencerow
Lower Loop in the fall. Crested Butte is truly magical! Amazing Crested Butte scenery! Photo by: Teresa Cesario The Robinson House with Mt. Crested Butte in background Elk Avenue in early morning light Beautiful fall colors
Whetstone sunset from the Slate River Early Fall in the Butte Commuting to the Nordic Center by bicycle Rider in sunflowers Paradise divide
Fall's first snow Horseback rider with town in background Thanks for the spectacular Crested Butte wildflower show this summer!<br>Photographer: Teresa Cesario The view of the Butte from Uley's on the mountain! Dining at the Skyland Lodge
Lupine and Aspen Sunflower wildflowers Lost Lake in late autumn. Icicles at dawn Dog in flowers
Wildflowers with mountains in background Welcome to Crested Butte Soupçon Restaurant, one of Crested Butte’s  Credit: Teresa Cesario View from the top! Elk Avenue
Spectacular cloud formation. The summit of Mt. Crested Butte over the International ski run. Alpine meadow with wildflowers
Big Mountain Enduro was in Crested Butte,Co Sept 3-7<br>5 days of racing, 4 of those deep in the back country. Tasty tacos from new restaurant, Bonez, in Crested Butte! Elk Avenue in Winter Fall afternoon ride
The musical buzz of hummingbirds adds to the pleasure of early morning coffee on the porch. Horses leading the Fourth of July Parade Going canoeing below Strand Hill Paradise Divide viewed from downtown Crested Butte Walking Elk Avenue
Rainbow over town Hiking in Crested Butte, Colorado up Cement Creek. Fly fishing in Crested Butte, Colorado! Golfer with wildflowers
Elk on a fall day seen on the side of Highway 135 in Crested Butte, CO. Blue skies and fall colors in Crested Butte Spaceman sculpture adorning a hill in the woods Rock climbing in Taylor Canyon Wildflowers
Town Ranch meadow with Paradise divide in background Photo by: Teresa Cesario Lake Erwin on a fall day. Western Slope Summer Music Festival Mountain biking in the Irwin area
Sunset over Crested Butte Mountain from the East River Telemarking, the preferred local method of getting down the hill Jim Harlan rippin’ it Eclectic back-alley discoveries are as common as winter snowfall Fall's first snow
Runner drinking water Canoeing Big skies in Crested Butte,Co<br>Photographer: Teresa Cesario Snow capped trees. Mountain Biker riding through snow
Monument plant Late day ride at Hartman’s Wildflowers in town Wildflowers in meadow
Twin Lakes, Maroon Bells Wilderness Area Strolling along Elk Ave, beautiful evening in Crested Butte, Co Sunset in Crested Butte. Always breathtaking. Canoeing
Winter cowboy Horse grazing with Gothic Mountain in the background. The summit of Mt. Crested Butte over the International ski run. Balloons during Aerial Weekend
Wildflowers with mountains in background Emerald Lake, always so blue-green. East River community bridge in Crested Butte South neighborhood. Fly fishing Biking in the aspen
Ohio Pass Young and old enjoying the Fourth of July Parade Hikers on Backside of Butte Summer sunset over Mt. Crested Butte
Townies on Elk Avenue A lovely couple celebrating at Timberline Restaurant Judd Falls near Crested Butte, Colorado. Exploring Brush Creek in Crested Butte, Colorado. Close-up of mountain biker
Beckwith from Kebler on a Sunday drive Classic victorian details on a windowsill in town Rock climbing in Taylor Canyon
Mountain pasture Vinotok celebration at the Crested Butte Farmer's Market! Beautiful photography from Teresa Cesario! Crested Butte wild flowers are a sight to be seen! Piano player at the Center for the Arts
The beautiful Lake Erwin. Couple backpacking in Mt. Crested Butte Hockey smiles Scarps ridge Icicles form in cold winter weather
Family hiking Mountains with rainbow Elk Avenue in Crested Butte. What a sight! A snowy commute to town.
Mountain Theater Production Trail running on Elk Ave with snow Cooling off at Long Lake
Town of Crested Butte by winter moonlight Hikers at sunset Wildflowers in meadow Gold Basin, Raggeds Wilderness Area Fall in Crested Butte,Co means colorful days and beautiful sunsets.<br>Photo Credit: Teresa Cesario
On Horseback Summer in Crested Butte Historic Crystal Mill
Spectactular mountain sunset. Mount Crested Butte with a nearly full moon. Arts Fair Mountain biker with wildflowers
Downtown Crested Butte 1st street through 4th street was busy with games, such as Twister, life-sized chess, human orb bowling, dance lessons, and contests during Whatever USA. Sunset in Crested Butte South. Skate skiing at Skyland Autumnal ride
Paradise Divide in winter Three-legged race on Fourth of July Flyfishing in Brush Creek In front of the Bakery Café in summer
Fine dining at The Gourmet Noodle View from the Silver Queen lift on Mt. Crested Butte! Brush Creek adventures in Crested Butte, Colorado! Mountain biker in wildflowers
Fall colors in Crested Butte Snowboarder catching air. Mt. Crested Butte after a storm Fine dining at the Marriott
Mountain lake with horseback riders Fall in Crested Butte, Colorado is a beautiful time of year! A great backdrop to Alpenglow in Crested Butte! Check out this free summertime concert series at the Center for the Arts outdoor stage! Elk feeding in misty morning light
Elk St. on a Fall day! Ice skating on a local pond Fall in Crested Butte Doorway of a historic Crested Butte home Evening on Elk Avenue
Child at a little league game Black eyed susans Early morning alleys in Crested Butte! Photographer: Teresa Cesario River next to Coal Creek Grill on Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, CO.
Fly fishing Family canoeing at Lake Irwin Elk Ave on a winter’s evening Nancy’s Farm
Winter icicles create hypnotic patterns Dancers at Fourth of July Parade Paragliding Wild Sunflowers The amazing founders of the Crested Butte Film Festival, Jennifer and Michael Brody! Read View the Butte post,
A snowy morning on Silver Queen Lift. Elk Avenue Whiterock Mountain in Fall Crested Butte cowgirl
Summer wildflowers. Drifted snow sparkles in morning sunlight Family hiking in autumn Sunset over mountains
Locals enjoying the summer on Elk Ave Colorful Folklorico bands and dancers greeted party goers at Whatever USA and entertained the masses! 4th of July Parade Mountain bikers with fall colors
401 Heaven Canoeing in Alpine Lake in Crested Butte Slate River with Mt. Emmons in background Bench on Elk Avenue in summer
Elk Avenue with alpenglow Happy Crested Butte pup ready to go fishing! Teaching the dog Frank about Catch and Release Fly Fishing in Crested Butte, Colorado! Fourth of July Parade
Early morning storm approaching Old tin-roofed barn with fall grasses. Crested Butte home after snowfall
Biking Paradise Divide in summer Elk Avenue moonrise The truth is out there...only in Crested Butte! Alpenglow in Crested Butte! Check out this free summertime concert series at the Center for the Arts outdoor stage! Whitewater rafting
Kids mountain biking through creek The Town of Crested Butte Entrance on a snowy fall day. Ride the Rockies camp Nordic skiing with Mt. Crested Butte in the background
Rushing through the Aspens on Snodgrass Coal Creek flows through town Cliff faces in winter weather Balloons during Aerial Weekend Ultimate frisbee
Late summer moonscape Alpenglow performance by Madam Sin in Crested Butte, Colorado! Photographer Teresa Cesario Elk Avenue Looking up Elk Avenue with fall colors
Hiking the peak of Mount Crested Butte Hot Air Balloon and Full Moon Aspen Singularity Fine wines Fall riding in Gunnison
Melting icicles frame Old Town Hall Colorful wildflowers blossoming in late April. Flauschink parade Wildflowers near mountain stream The Butte at the end of a rainbow
Snowed in. Paradise Divide with clouds Views from Paradise
Columbines and bluebells The best place for rainbows. Summer sunset creates psychedelic patterns Rainy day mist on Mt. Emmons (Red Lady Bowl).
Enjoying the view Nordic skiing at Skyland Mountain spring in the Summer When Whatever USA came to Crested Butte, Colorado 4th of July Parade
Skier on Sunset Ridge with town in background Golden path to the park Ball Bash 2006 Mt. Teocalli with early season snow
Cowboy at Lazy F Bar Ranch Bench on Elk Avenue in summer Fourth of July parade Hiking up Mt. Crested Butte off Silver Queen Lift. Fly fishing in Crested Butte!
Golfer with mountain in background Fall colors in Crested Butte Mountain peaks and wildflowers
Skiers touring through aspens Biking Washington Gulch in autumn Patriotic girl at the Fourth of July parade Skiing in Crested Butte, Colorado! No bad views here! Wild flowers in Crested Butte are a sight to be seen!
Hiking Cloudy day. Mardi Gras! Crested Butte in otoño
Crested Butte Rental Shop employees test out some new gear Mt. Crested Butte in Winter Family hiking Fencerow at sunset Robinson Parcel road in summer
Skunk cabbage in Crested Butte! Photographer: Teresa Cesario Winter is upon us! Hunters on a ridge top Fireweed and Pearly Everlasting wildflowers
The Union Congregational Church on a winter’s day Recess at the Crested Butte Community School Through the flowers on Upper Upper Loop The town totem pole in Totem Pole Park Fourth of July parade
Valley at sunset Red Lady sunset Walking the alleys of paradise of Crested Butte, Colorado. A beautiful sunrise in the Butte! The Castles viewed from Ohio Pass
Children mountain biking in Mt. Crested Butte Columbines in the skunk cabbage Nearly-full moon and sunset. Photoshop creation, saluting the families of the Sept. 11th, 2001 Victims.
Bright Poppy in early July. Hiking in the mountains Moonrise over town in winter Hiking trail on West Maroon Pass Beautiful day hikes, if only for 30 minutes. Good for the soul…
Fall colors October Afternoon Ball Bash 2006 Mt. Crested Butte after a storm
Rancher's Old Truck Mt. Crested Butte with mountain biker Mountain biker, moving fast Tennis Some beautiful rainbows in Crested Butte!

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